NoRhett Walls,

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NoRhett Walls has responsibility for Major Accounts for Chicago Title’s Sales Department. Her family has been entrenched in the business for years, and she has become a natural in her own right. NoRhett launched her career in the lending field as a loan officer and loan processor while still in college, eventually transitioning into escrow. Though her early years were spent working with residential real estate clients, NoRhett consistently displayed a distinct ability to connect on a corporate level with brokers and principals. Assisting individuals in building their dreams through home ownership was gratifying, but the challenges associated with commercial transactions became more and more appealing as time went on.

As I began to meet more and more professionals, I recognized the need for commercial real estate specialists and began to build my own network of contacts. The transition from residential to commercial real estate was natural for me, and welcomed by my new clients as well. I get the job done!

NoRhett founded an investor forum designed to cultivate collegial relationships among professionals throughout the region. What began as a fledgling group of 15 agents has grown into a 250-member organization featuring a range of industry professionals including home builders, agents and lenders. Her ongoing involvement with the group has kept NoRhett in touch with the trends, developments and changes within different aspects of the commercial real estate business, allowing her to offer clients a more knowledgeable level of service.

NoRhett’s uncanny ability to connect with others on their terms that allows her to navigate the most challenging transactions and situations and achieve successful outcomes. She goes the extra mile to get the job done, thinking creatively to meet the needs of each unique situation. When one of her client’s properties required detailed photographs she coordinated an aerial photographer to handle the task, freeing the agent of the responsibility. Secure with the knowledge that they can count on her to manage the elements that are critical to obtaining marketable title, NoRhett’s clients are able to focus on building and maintaining their own businesses.

During a recent brief hiatus from the industry, NoRhett capitalized on the opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream. She co-founded a thoroughbred farm that now rehabilitates race horses and offers dressage training.